COVID-19 Measures

Important Notice to all our Patients regarding COVID-19

We would like to assure all our patients, Dublin Ophthalmic will continue to operate at the highest levels of infection prevention & control in line with our well-established Ophthalmic Care Service Delivery Standards, throughout this time.

All our staff, both clinical and administrative have received Covid 19 Vaccination.

With our use of personal protective equipmentthorough equipment sterilisation & clinical room environment decontamination, with the continuous use of our air filtration systems in place in all clinical areas since early 2020, we continue to keep all our staff and patients safe.

In the interest of everyone, patients & staff, remaining free from COVID-19 virus risk, we ask that you do not attend the Clinic unwell, or have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, recent to your appointment. We have our own screening system in place, on arrival into the clinic.

Face coverings are mandatory for staff and anyone visiting the Beacon Consultants Clinic, Beacon Hospital and Dublin Ophthalmic.

Our Ophthalmic Services

Retina Specialist

It is estimated that approximately 500 people develop this condition every year in Ireland.

Wet AMD affects the central point of the retina, the macula, which is responsible for capturing central vision to make our vision sharper. This is the area we use to read and see faces.

Cataract Surgery

Cataracts usually develop over a long period, causing progressive yet gradual deterioration of vision.  

If a cataract is left untreated, the lens will eventually become so clouded that daily activities become extremely difficult.


Glaucoma is an umbrella term for a group of diseases that can cause serious damage to delicate retinal nerve fibres and the optic nerve, which transmits sight to the brain to be recognised as images.

Vision loss can often be slowed or stopped if the disease is diagnosed and treated early.